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Sunrise over Little Cayman, first day of diving. Sunrise tended to be easier to capture than sunset, as you usually prepped the camera for a given day the morning of the dives. Unless you were going to change lenses, you usually didn't want to muck with the camera too much.

1/250-F18-ISO100 lens: 18-55mm

071230-IMG_0002.JPG - 071231-IMG_0304.JPG - 080104-IMG_0944.JPG - 080104-IMG_0949.JPG - 080104-IMG_0952.JPG - 080104-IMG_0954.JPG - 080104-IMG_0961.JPG - 080104-IMG_0964.JPG - 080104-IMG_0966.JPG - 080104-IMG_0971.JPG - 080105-IMG_0974.JPG
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