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February 19, 2005: West Palm Beach, Florida

"Governor's River Walk" - "Yellowtail"

Some friends had just purchased the "Minnow" charter out of West Palm Beach - and invited a group of us to dive with them.
Diving off of West Palm Beach:
  • Directions from Tampa: To get to WPB, I usually take I-75 to HW60, and then go south on I-95.
  • Conditions on the day of my visit: Sunny but cool - colder than it had been in Tampa

  • Personal Notes: Governor's River Walk is a set of four wrecks, supposedly drug freighters. They were fairly intact and sitting upright before the hurricanes that came through the year before. Now they are completely broken up, and actually resemble shipwrecks.

    Yellowtail is a standard West Palm Beach drift dive reef, though I swear I saw a small mantis shrimp as I was moving along.

    The Minnow is a decent boat that the owner, Kelly, admits could use a bit of cosmetic work. She's large enough to take a good number of divers (more than 10) comfortably. We were offered fruit after the dives. The only bad part about the Minnow is the "belly up" platform that sits a bit below the surface of the water(no ladders). It makes entry easy, but reboarding the boat can be a bit of an issue, particularly in rough water. Got a nice little knot on one of my shins from that thing. In calm water it wouldn't be too bad.

Dive data for dives on this day:

Dive Site Name Max Depth Minutes Water Temp
311 Governor's River Walk 92 feet 41 min. 73 F
312 Yellowtail 73 feet 39 min. 72 F
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