April 23, 2004 - April 24, 2004

April 22, 2004: Dry Tortugas

A Ultimate Getaway 2004 dive
"Windjammer Wreck" - "Bat Cave" - "1A XXX" - "Harry's"

I had forgotten to pack anything resembling warm weather gear. Never forget to pack a sweatshirt at the very least. Trust me.
Diving in the Dry Tortugas:
  • Directions from Tampa: At 70 miles west of Key West, still in (I think) US territory, you'll have to go by boat.
  • Conditions on the day of my visit: A little cloudy, very breezy. Even a bi

  • Personal Notes: Water temperature at depth didn't seem as warm as 72 degrees. Be warned - it can take into May for the waters to get into the high 70's, I think. I did four dives this day; though there was one I missed (a drift, that I was later told wasn't worth going on anyway).


The sites for the pictures may not be 100% accurate - my camera was on Palau time. Additional issues with my Macintosh and its bizarre behavior with the memory stick resulted in a couple of dives of lost pictures.
Windjammer Wreck
A barracuda.
A juvenile blue or queen angel - not sure which.
I get my blennies and my gobis mixed up. I think this is a blenny.
This is a Hamlet - without my ID book handy, I don't know which kind.
Again, I get my Gobis and Blennies mixed up. But I think this is a Blenny.
Definitely a Grouper.
This is a Grouper as well; possibly a Nassau Grouper.
A Spiny Lobster.
A Neon Gobi - these fish will clean other larger fish.
A Split Crown Featherduster.
This tiny Damsel was kinda cute - there were quite a few of them out there.

Dive data for dives on this day:

Dive Site Name Max Depth Minutes Water Temp
245 Windjammer Wreck 21 feet 41 min. 72 F
246 Bat Cave 70 feet 50 min. 72 F
247 1A XXX 83 feet 37 min. 73 F
248 Harry's 76 feet 33 min. 72 F
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