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July 9, 2004: Grand Bahama, Bahamas

A Independence Days: Bahamas 2004 dive
"Theo's Wreck" - "Fred's Folly"

One of my favorite spots on my last day of diving. Next time I'm making it a longer trip.
Diving off of Grand Bahama:
  • Directions from Tampa: It's only about 55 miles off of the coast of Florida. You can go by boat or by plane ... talk to a travel agent.
  • Conditions on the day of my visit: Sunny and - guess what - hot.

  • Personal Notes: Theo's Wreck - I actually saw the plaque (and the picture of Theo, who's emailed me twice about his wreck) and the bottom of the boat - thanks to my sister, who gave the most comprehensive tour of Theo's I've had. This was mainly due to the fact that there were only like four of us in our group this day. I haven't been over the ledge yet - maybe on my next visit, I'll see what's down at 200 feet, but I'm in no rush to get there.

    This particular trip to Theo's Wreck saw me with empty weight pouches. I didn't have trouble decending but then I didn't sink like I normally do. I simply forgot to put them in when I got my gear set up. I was fine for most of the dive, though I was constantly looking for lead that someone might have lost. I didn't find any. I didn't think about simply using rocks until I was on my ascent. It kind of sucked but I managed it by keeping a death grip on the buoy line. From this I learned that the 8-10 lbs I had been diving with could be dropped to 4 without much of a problem.

    Fred's Folly is a wreck Fred sunk over the remains of another wreck that had all but disappeared. Even now there's not a whole lot there of either wreck.


Theo's Wreck is one of the best known sites off of Grand Bahama.
Theo's Wreck
Can't be 100% sure as to which part of the wreck this was.
This, however, is very clearly the smoke stack.
I didn't see this the last time I was down there - a plaque commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the sinking of this wreck.
This guy probably lives inside of the wreck. Spotted Eel.
And wrecks seem to attract silversides and other baitfish.
This is a shot of Theo's from the bottom of the bow, looking down the keel (I think).
On the bottom of the ship, there was this Gray Angel cruising along.
Off the bottom of the wreck, there was a school of what I think were Chalk Bass in some nearby coral.
They seemed interested in us somewhat as we passed by.
When I first started noticing Fire Worms (like this Bearded Fire Worm) they weren't nearly as big as the ones I'm noticing now.
Occasionally I like to take pictures of things from a distance ...
... and then give you a close up. However, this shot's a little too blurry - had I noticed (or had the time) I should have taken another shot.

Dive data for dives on this day:

Dive Site Name Max Depth Minutes Water Temp
275 Theo's Wreck 100 feet 40 min. 82 F
276 Fred's Folly 68 feet 51 min. 84 F
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