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March 3, 2002: Boynton Beach, Florida

"Brown House" - "Briney"

If memory serves, my sister and I intended to do a lot more diving that weekend than we ended up doing. But the weather had us blown out until the afternoon on Sunday.
Diving in the Atlantic Ocean:
  • Directions from Tampa: I usually head down HW60 to Yeehaw Junction, then take the Turnpike south. I get off of the Turnpike at Lake Worth Road.
  • Conditions on the day of my visit: Hell I even forgot I did this dive.

  • Personal Notes: There's not a lot of photos, only three, from this dive, and two of them were very green. The third is of a lobster and I have enough of those on other pages.

    A quick preview of the video from this day also showed mostly green video, so I've decided not to pull it.

    The main reason I'm even putting a page up about it is because the dives involved at least one new site, and there's a funny story about my memory regarding this one ...

    I had finally gotten around to going about pulling video off of the camera for the May 4th dives I did with my sister, when I noticed the first 5 minutes of the tape had the timestamp from March 3rd ... and I didn't even remember doing the dive. Not only that, my dive log and my online database all had nothing in them about this dive. The main reason for this was that my scuba data downloads from the dive computer failed to register these dives for some bizarre reason (the first time; they made it in there the second time).

    I even had to go so far as to call my sister and ask her if we actually did do a dive on March 3rd.

    So after figuring everything out and fixing the numbering of the dives in the database, I am actually at 150 dives, not 148.

Dive data for dives on this day:

Dive Site Name Max Depth Minutes Water Temp
145 Brown House 62 feet 46 min. 72 F
146 Briney 60 feet 46 min. 72 F
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