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July 31, 2002: Epcot, Florida

"Living Seas Exhibit"

Another dive in Epcot's "The Living Seas" exhibit. Originally planned to include my sister, she was still getting over an ear problem that developed in Cozumel. Doh!
Diving in the Living Seas Exhibit:
  • Directions from Tampa: Go east on I-4. Being a Disney park, you can't miss it.
  • Conditions on the day of my visit: Didn't matter ... we were inside, so the diving was perfect

  • Personal Notes: We were given a little more freedom this time than we were previously. Also, the dive master didn't notice when five of his group stopped by one of the windows to the "Coral Seas" restaurant ... my sister and the rest of the family we were diving with were there. Again, we spent most of the dive playing with people who were watching us through the glass ... so much so that there's still a section of the tank I've only been in during the initial tour, and haven't spent a lot of time exploring.

    My sister and I are still amazed at the things we manage to communicate to one another without speaking. While visiting their window:
    • I managed to tell her about the split fins (great for going straight ahead but damned annoying for any other kind of swimming, including standing still)
    • I asked her if the food was good, she said yes, and asked me if I was hungry, I said getting there.
    • She asked if I was cold, I said kind of.
    • She teased me about the fact that I hadn't ridden the "Test Track" ride yet, and she had gotten on to it
    • I pouted and then teased her about the fact that I was diving and she wasn't
    That's siblings for you.

Dive data for dives on this day:

Dive Site Name Max Depth Minutes Water Temp
168 Living Seas Exhibit 25 feet 40 min. 77 F
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